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Portugal: (stills) Europe’s Best Kept Secret

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Portugal is a key investment and relocation jurisdiction, offering excellent lifestyle and investment opportunities, with very relevant tax benefits. Professionals, entrepreneurs, family business and MNC’s should consider Portugal, notably for innovation, venture capital and as an hub for the South Atlantic Ocean.

Porto, Portugal

Portugal is part of the European Union, the Euro Zone and the Schengen area. The country enjoys an outstanding quality of life in a safe multicultural environment, with a stable political system and easily available highly skilled and English fluent professionals.

The legal and tax regime for individuals and companies is very attractive, surpassing by far other comparable regimes.

Furthermore, Portugal offers a very low and competitive effective tax burden, either for individuals (non habitual resident regime) and corporations (Madeira International Business Center), a number of extremely relevant tax incentives and grants and an effective double tax treaty network and relevant international agreements (such as investment protection and social security).

Also due to its traditional liberalism and multicultural approach, Portugal is additionally a very effective hub to Portuguese Speaking Countries and the economic regions of wish such countries are members.

Thus, Portugal still offers an extremely favorable investment climate continuing its clear strategy of remaining a hotspot location for R&D and digital disruption, premium tourism and real estate investment.

For non European Union individuals and their families, on top of a favorable tax regime, Portugal also offers an effective residence by investment program (the so called Golden Visa regime), granting access to Schengen and possibly to citizenship.

That’s why I consider Portugal the Europe’s best kept secret, notably for investment.

April 2020 update

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