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Assisting individuals and families to safely navigate the increasing tax complexities and pitfalls 

Tax and other charges are a material leakage to income, wealth and consumption and investment capabilities, thus significantly reducing individuals, families and family businesses opportunities.

Private clients and their families, including entrepreneurs, managers, professionals in international mobility, entertainers and sportsmen HNWI’s, SFO’s, MFO’s, and founders, investors, business angels, start up’s and family business, require sharp domestic and international tax advice, provided by trusted advisors aligned with the family for the long run.

Services for Private Clients
Services for Private Clients
  • Tax advice on income and wealth, including its earnings (dividends and interest) and its disposal (capital gains and other windfall gains or inheritances and gifts);

  • Tax domicile, residence and conflict of jurisdictions;​​

  • Relocation and re-domiciliation, including tax support to expatriates;

  • Consumption taxes, notably vehicles, vessels and aircrafts;​​

  • Senior staff, managers, entertainers and sportsmen and professionals in international mobility;​​

  • Entrepreneurs, investors, founders, business angels and start up’s;​​

  • Family business, including SFO’s and MFP’s.;​​

  • Tax management of wealth acquisition accumulation and disposal, in Portugal or abroad, including equity, other financial investments, real estate, art and other assets;​​

  • Non habitual resident tax and similar regimes;​​

  • Tax analysis of contributions to and benefits from pension funds and alike;​​

  • Tax treatment of intellectual property, including copyright, trademarks and patents, design, technical assistance and know how;​​

  • Foundations, trusts, unit links and other investment and philanthropic vehicles;​​

  • Citizenship and residence permits by investment (Golden Visa and alike, in Portugal or abroad).

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