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Efficiently navigating the complexities of current tax disputes and litigation 

Latu sensu tax disputes, domestic or international, are increasingly frequent and material (including very high penalties).

Robust defence strategies, sharp negotiations and successful appeals, taking all relevant jurisdictions into due consideration, is of utmost relevance for groups, corporations and individuals. These need to be able to trust a resilient partner, free of any conflict of interest, to assist during audits, claims, expert analysis, APA’s, mutually agreed procedures, arbitration, trials, appeals and defensive documentation.

Tax Controversy Services
Tax Controversy Services
  • Tax disputes prevention, management and resolution;

  • Design, test and implementation of strategies and motivations;

  • Prepare, draft, file and negotiate requests, rulings, unilateral, bilateral and multilateral APA’s and other interactions with the tax authorities;


  • Assist in managing the cooperation with the tax authorities, including local or joint, ongoing or special, tax audits, horizontal monitoring, corresponding adjustments, mutually agreed procedures and arbitration;

  • Negotiate and agree on controverted tax positions, including indemnity clauses;


  • Support in internal, contractual or statutory audits, seller due diligence, data rooms, internal, external or contractual controls and project management for tax benefits, incentives and subsidies.

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