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Sound tax compliance services to avoid the tax mine field while gaining a competitive advantage.

Tax compliance leads to very relevant direct and indirect costs and cashouts, including avoidable penalties and distracts professionals, entrepreneurs, corporations, groups and families from their core activities.

As a result, they all need sound tax support, in Portugal and abroad, for timely and efficient fulfilment of all their tax compliance duties, including tax procedures routines and filings, with tax benefits and incentives maximization, transfer pricing files and CbCR, VAT reimbursement, tax credits effectiveness and tax disruption by maximizing the use of tax digital technology.

Tax Coordination Areas
Tax Coordination Areas
  •  Insourced or outsourced tax management;

  • Tax assistance retainers also outsource or insourced;

  • Regular or ad hoc reviews to tax procedures, routines and returns;

  • Audit and validation of tax matters;

  • Identification, qualification, quantification and resolution of risks and liabilities;

  • Negations and request of tax benefits, subsidies and other incentives and its prior identification and quantification​

  • Evaluation, review and quantification of management decisions and of operational, financial, investment and services activities;

  • Exchange of information and horizontal monitoring;

  • Deferred tax analysis and quantification, as well as those of uncertain tax positions, namely for negotiation, accounting and statutory purposes, including Fin 48;

  • Monitoring of tax attributes.

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