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Gaining a tax edge with state of the art tax strategies, considering all material circumstances and all relevant taxes

Taxes paid directly or indirectly by corporations lead to a serious leakage of income, and wealth, as well as cash available and investment capabilities. Such leakage reduces the efficiency to the company, its shareholders and remaining stakeholder, including employees and suppliers.

Efficient long-term tax strategies are thus required across the entire tax spectrum, at both national and international levels, to capture the long-run opportunities hidden within the short-term difficulties. In short, moving from crisis to solution and from opportunity to completion.

Inbound and outbound foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions, transfer pricing, corporate restructuring, supply chain revision, intangibles and financial transactions are key to a sound tax strategy.

Tax Management Services
Tax Management Services
  • Tax attributes optimization across the entire value chain, in line with the corporate purpose and strategy and including minimization of the effective tax burden, maximization of tax deferrals and effectiveness of tax attributes;

  • Holding, investment, financing, intangibles and operational efficient structures;​

  • Design, implementation and monitoring of value chain adjustments, including local and foreign investments, corporate restructurings (namely asset and share deals, demergers, factual and legal close of operations, re-domiciliation and relocations);

  • Support to local and cross border mergers and acquisitions (M&A), including, funds origination and optimization, target analysis, due diligence, cash flow analysis and modelling, negotiation, representations, warranties and indemnity clauses, management incentives, post deal corporate structure realignment, portfolio companies review, exits and disposals;

  • Transfer pricing (TP), namely avoidance of inefficiencies, complexities and controversies, together with spotting, design and implementation both locally and across jurisdictions and value chain transformation aligned the business​

  • Pragmatic and factual advice, review and monitoring of substance requirements and its alignment with the actual economic goals;

  • Intellectual property, intangibles and research and development (R&D) structure’s design, implementation and transformation;

  • Holistic tax management of financing, namely liabilities restructuration, treasury operations and cash pooling, without neglecting double taxation, VAT and stamp duties;

  • Strategic advice relating to Portuguese Speaking countries and their regional areas, including ASEAN, CEDEAO, ECOWAS, EU, Franc CFA, Mercosul, OHADA and SADC;

  • Advise on European law (EU), double tax treaties (DTT), multilateral instrument (MLI), social security conventions, OECD TP Guidelines, Base erosion and profit shifting program (BEPS) and general and specific anti avoidance rules (GAAR and SAARs).

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